Why Do Experienced Developers Worth the Money?

Being a skilled developer is a little bit hard as developing is keep trying till you excellently do your job. However, people with high esteem become experts in this field in no time and perfectly do the job. Yet, developers who lack experience take too much time to accomplish a project and sometimes don’t deliver expected results. Shortly, you really rely on an experienced developer if you want to round off the project promptly. Below a few characteristics are given of experienced developers that’ll further confirm why skilled programmers are the best for your task:

Technical Expertise

An experienced developer has in-depth practicality in many programming languages. When any task is assigned to him/her, he/she knows which markup is required for the particular solution and finalizes the project promptly.

Good Time & Task Management

A skilled programmer has the ability to estimate the time needed to accomplish the project. He/she informs the operation manager on the project’s required time and completes the task under the committed timeframe that stamps up the professionalism. 

Communication Skills

A professional developer communicates with the team rightly to proceed with the project smoothly without any confusion. He always asks the right question so that he can develop the assignment in line with the directives and requirements. 

Ability to Learn, Adapt & Grow

The best developers always stay ready to explore something new in their field. Also, they get adjusted to the environment and fully cooperate with their team to get the work done right and deliver the expected results to the company. 

How to Hire Experienced Developers?

If you’re fully satisfied with the above-explained characteristics of experienced developers, definitely you’ll hire skilled web and app developers. However, you need to be careful during hiring someone for your task as plenty of people claims to be skilled in their field but they don’t prove their words that cost a lot. Shortly, if you need to hire a web developer but are afraid of hiring an unskilled one, the following content will completely guide you about how to hire experienced developers.

Face to Face Interview: Always have a direct interview with the candidate to check his/her expertise and conduct thoroughly. Try to ask one complexing irrelevant question, if the applicant confidently answers the query, it’s sound; otherwise, he/she must express being truthful by apologizing for the answer. 

Tech Stack Coding Exercise: Once the aspirant gets successful in the interview, conduct a live test to assess the aspirant’s problem-solving abilities and intellect. 

Assign 1-3 Week Test Project: Hire the candidate for a short trial period if he/she passes the test. Give the batch of permanency once the aspirant progresses from the trial period.

Final Words

Hiring an inexperienced developer costs more than you pay an experienced developer. So, always choose a skilled and talented developer but with sound behavior so that they cooperate with their colleagues to rightly go with the work. However, finding an experienced developer isn’t as easy as it seems as there’s a list of scam people. Thereby, to stay side from inexperienced developers, follow the above-described approach to choose a suitable candidate for your company. 

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How Much Are Logo Design Services?

A logo is much more than an icon as it’s the first impression of your brand. Having a simple and unique logo design helps the audience to recognize your brand and create a bond with it. Thus, it’s inevitable to have an innovative logo design to distinguish your brand from competitors. However, if you’re a startup and tight with the budget, you need to think before hiring someone for creating a logo design. The following content will help you out in choosing a good resource for creating your logo under the estimated prices.

Free Logo Makers 

Creating a logo design via logo maker is a preferred approach and many people use it. You can also follow it if you want to get the logo designed quickly and in an affordable manner. Look over the following content to know about free logo makers:

Adobe Spark: This tool ranks first in free logo makers as it has exceptional features. You just need to put your company name and spin the wheel to select your desired style. Once it gets started, you can customize your logo design and adjust the shape, font and color as per your choice and download it free of cost. 

Canva: It helps you create a logo design in no time. Just select the design that you like and mention your company name on it and download the logo. Along with providing logo design, this tool acquires you to social media posts and multiple other types of design templates. 

Wix: Wix is a distinctive logo maker tool. It just requires to swiple on the likes and dislikes button to choose your required design. As you select the design that you find suitable for your brand, you can amend and download it. Moreover, the visualization tool of Wix explains how will your logo look in a particular space especially on the website. So, it would be a super right option to choose this tool for creating the logo design. 

Looka: Looka’s artificial intelligence system creates a logo design in line with your personal preferences. Just put the required particulars (your business name, industry and niche) and you’ll get the best logo concepts. Choose which one you like and tweak its color, font and size to generate the logo design that you feel is an ideal option for your brand.

Shortly, you can get a unique and quality logo from these tools if you’re in search of the best online logo design services. 

How Much to Hire a Freelance Logo Designer?

There are multiple freelance platforms that provide logo design services. These sites assist you not only in finding the right designer for the task but are also very competitive in prices like you can get a logo design from $5 to 5,000. Have a look at the following content to know about the most reputable freelance platforms. 


Dribble is an astonishing platform for designers to share their work and grow. If you want to discover a talented designer, just visit Dribble and find the designer that creates a logo design to make you stand out from competitors.   


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace with having a huge amount of skilled logo designers and researches have proved that Fiverr provides the best online logo design services at low costs. Here, you can easily look over the people’s expertise and prices by examining their gigs. Once you find someone that completely matches your requirements, just hire him. 


Upwork also provides logo design services with some distinguishing features. Here, you post a job related to your required field and freelancers bid on it. Once you receive a good amount of candidates’ applications, you can select the one that fits your defined criteria.

Logo Design Agencies Prices

Many registered companies design ingenious logos. If you want to attain the task in a professional manner and without any hassle, you may hire a logo design agency. However, you need a good amount of budget to hire these companies as they’re a little bit costly as compared to a freelance designer. Normally, many design studios’ prices range from $300 to $50, 000. So, it’s a good choice to order a freelancer for creating a logo design if you’re a startup and desire to get a unique and quality logo design. 

However, you can rely on Tek2D’s logo design services if you wish to get your logo done in a professional set-up and under your required budget on a fixed timeline. 

Summing Up 

Starting from free logo makers tools to freelance logo designers and logo design agencies, there’re many resources to get a logo design. However, all resorts are different in nature and charge according to their work criteria. For example, a free logo maker will be good for you if you’re a startup and freelance logo designers will suit you in regard to getting good quality logo design at affordable prices. However, you may get assistance from logo design services if prices aren’t your concern and you wish to get your logo accomplished in a good framework smoothly.

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40 Best App Ideas For Startups

40 best App Ideas for Startups

Apps have taken over our lives for good. How many apps do we use in a day would be an understatement, nobody actually counts that do they? Android Apps and Apps for IOS are a huge industry existing globally. Messaging Apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are in constant use globally for talking, interacting, business, and teaching nowadays rendering to the situation. Our smartphones have their play stores to make our lives wishfully smarter. With the ongoing Pandemic situation influx of internet users has immensely increased resulting in a potential market online for emerging businesses and app developers. Making the right choices can do wonders for the startups in this era.
Here are 40 best App ideas for your Startups

Food delivery apps

We all need food to survive, no arguments on that. However, not everyone has a schedule that allows them to spend half their day in the kitchen preparing their meals, in such case food delivery apps are the best idea. For students from working parents to doctors, anyone getting hungry will want food quickly delivered to their location, with AI now personalized options and favorite restaurants can show up, and a hot meal will be one click away!

Health care app

Illness can be inevitable like anything in life so for the busy folks why not make the appointments with their health care professionals easier with the health care app online appointments can be made beforehand and also parameters like blood pressure, cholesterol, and uric acid could be kept in check and recorded, plus personalized calendars and graphs for diabetic or special conditioned patients can be very useful.

Fitness app

Everybody once in a while in their life would love to start their fitness journey and become healthy, but not everybody is free to hit the Gym. Well, a fitness app can solve all your weight problems plus provide a healthy nutritional guide under professionals. Training with virtual instructors plus various difficulty levels seems great for workouts from home.

Tax calculator app

Do you also dread the end of month tax counting procedures and time-consuming calculations? Well, make it super quick by the Blockchain infused tax calculator app which will require your income and expenditures and give you the amount of tax you need to pay without any hassle.

Cooking app

What can be more useful than a handy cooking app in your phones to help you decide the menu for the day keeping in consideration the availability of ingredients in your pantry, The more the level of personalization a cooking app can provide the better, it would act as a personal assistant in the kitchen? Help people discover their hidden MasterChefs by your very interactive cooking app.

Dining Spot finder app

Sudden plans ask for sudden measures and for your sudden dining out plans a dining spot finder app will prove really useful. Planning to go out with friends or colleagues? No problem, just enter your food preference and location and the app will guide you to the nearest restaurant with available spots. Enjoy your favorite cuisine now without having to wait for spots to be free!

Study help app

Most students aren’t dumb but most are really lazy to catch up with their pending study sessions and work. Make their life easier by a study help app that challenges and motivates them simultaneously thus increasing their academic performance. Added features, awards on completion of tasks, and fun outlook will do wonders for students.

Online educators app

Believe me when I say more than half of the students do not get their lessons by their school/university teachers. Why not help students by providing online tutors, more than one for various subjects, and open discussions with other students for an understanding and flexible study environment from home. Online learning is really going to be the new norm so why not the best educators app, and additionally more jobs for teachers at home.

Video editors/effects

Using social media and not uploading a video here and it is highly unlikely. One would love to edit their memories using a video editing app. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation, combining all the feelings and videos all together should be made easy.

Selfie/ Photo enhancers

It’s a Selfie day and age folks, and who wouldn’t want clearer skin, bigger eyes, and a radiant selfie, a selfie enhancer app with all the filters will make selfie queens and kings love your app.

Your personal interior designer app

Thinking of changing your room/ house interior? How would an interior designing app be? The great idea isn’t it. Try different furniture and decorations in your virtual interior designing world on your real space and get connected to the nearby stores offering your preferred items.

Travel bookings (AI/Vr)

Tourism managing companies and hotels can be connected through a traveling app that would manage all your tour related stuff to leave you relaxed. With Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality pick up your favorite tourist spots and get going.

Mobile Library reading app

When everything has made space on your phone why cannot a library? Great for bookworms and occasional readers who can have a variety of books to choose from and make their own personalized libraries.

Modern matrimonial app

Help people connect to their love of life by the best matrimonial app were actual humans instead of bots contact and get to know each other’s interests. Great way to earn prayers though!

Wedding planner app

Gone are the days of searching for the best wedding planner in the country, find your perfect wedding planner through the app and get your dream wedding planned by planners from around the world.

Gift apps

We all find it hard to take time out for our loved ones. But what a relief it would be for an app to deliver our token of love to our near and dear. With online payment and blockchain technology gifting could take a whole new level.

Goods transfer (loading) App

Waiting for truck loaders to load the goods can be very time-consuming. A goods transfer app will help connect the warehouse/ goods owner to the loaders and make the delivery process really easy.

Covid-19 cases app

Given the situation the world is in right now, a Covid-19 tracker is best as a safety tool to know about the number and location of infected people around you so you can practice the required distancing.


Heard about a self-help app yet? No right so it’s a great way to introduce motivating and helpful activities according to a personal situation, a therapeutic app.

Pdf/photo to the scanner

How tiring it is to visit a scanner shop to get your documents scanned from time to time, a pdf/photo to scanner app can save people from the above hassle, scan anywhere anytime.

Team presentation

Presentations are an essential part of any business/study/event. To help group presentations that require individual contribution plus group discussion a team presentation app will be the go-to for all.

Spot for your car parking

No need to search taking rounds in the parking lot and wasting your precious time, save people’s time by making a parking spot finder app using the GPS.

Art drawing

Emerging artists are using the digital art forums to display their talents, digital art is the new paint and brushes so help young and old all artists to explore their talent on a digital art app.

Music personalized

Although various music apps exist, a personalized one could be a game-changer where you can explore your own taste in music and share with people with similar preferences.

Intercom on the phone app

Gone are the days of old intercoms, get smart by introducing an intercom on a phone app and see who’s at your door from your phone, safely and quickly.

At home salon services app

Don’t have the respite to visit the salon? No problem, bring your Salon at home by using the at-home Salon app and get all the beauty services in the comfort of your house.

Party Invites

Ever had a sudden urge to invite your friends and family to a party but dread doing so due to the number of invites you’ll have to make, well a party invite app will help propose immediate invites to your loved ones or colleagues, enjoy the sudden plans.

Online shopping

Nothing better than a good online shopping app with how it looks on your feature to avoid any returns and cash loss. With AI and advanced features and scams could be kept in check.

Home Spa

In your most stressed-out days book for a home Spa to relieve all your stress. Online payments and personalized services are the heavens.

Skincare app

A great way to introduce a new skin product in the market with modern usage and great results, more people would buy the product plus app.

Gaming app

If you’re into gaming there’s nothing better than making your own game and letting others enjoy it, with gifts, awards, and added features plus In-App purchases, you can be earning great.

Grocery shopping

When every other thing in the world is done online why not grocery shopping. Connect grocery stores to their nearby residents and help people get groceries delivered at their doorstep.

Language learning app

Great way to learn a bunch of different languages is on an app. Introduce beginners level for beginners from letters to small words and advanced features like full conversations.

Holy books

Religion is sacred to many, making their connection to their religion strong by introducing the holy books app with the holy book and translation plus additional understanding is phenomenal.

Virtual cards

Make virtual cards for your friends and family by the virtual card making app. The personalized features will make a touching card for the loved ones, a great way to share a greeting, or a birthday wish on the go.

Launching help

What better app idea than a launching help App, with modern launching strategies in one app it’ll be great for new entrepreneurs and emerging startups. Someone with no knowledge of launching can benefit from the tried and tested knowledge on the launching app.

Quizlets /Flashcards

The modern world is all about studies and advances in academic curriculums, to make it easy for upcoming scientists and geniuses a little help can go a long way. Quizlets and Flashcards have proved effective for students since forever, and already created flashcards will save them their precious time.

Monthly subscriptions manager app

In the digital world, where every other website or pr you have subscribed to can be hard to manage individually, to keep all your monthly subscriptions in one place the monthly subscription-manager app is great. It’ll manage all your subscription emails, payments, and notifications plus delivery confirmations. Amazing tool for bloggers and influencers.

Interbank transfer

So many people get agitated when sorting their bank transfers and managing their different accounts on various banks. Interbank transfer app can offer a smart solution to the banking world. Blockchain services and digital currency wallets can be linked to the national currencies using the interbank transfer app.

Translating App

Traveling in a foreign country can prove really nerve-racking if the language is unfamiliar. For such situations and to make traveling stress-free a translating app is a great idea. For the tourists to speak to the local vendors and vice versa a translation app can do good for both the tourists and locals.

Lastly, there’s no limit to ideas in Apps for startups. There’s a bunch of opportunities out there in the online world and little effort with smart thinking can make your dreams come true. The difficult part is usually the development of an eye-catching and actually beneficial app for your startup. Doing your homework on the need, demand, and audience of your startup can prove yielding in your road to success.

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