Terms & Conditions

Tek2D is a registered USA-based design and development organization. We’ve framed certain specific terms and conditions to work with customers. Please carefully read the following content to know about our terms and conditions section:

  • The customer must provide us with clear information related to the project so that our team can smoothly keep with the work and can overcome any chance of delay. 
  • Any new change in the project once it gets approved from the customer-end will charge an extra cost.
  • Project details (Website/Design) must be shared with us within the first week of the contract. In case of any defer, it will charge extra cost in the quote. 
  • We attest to the website via PCs, laptops and on the latest upgraded browsers; e.g., Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Please notify us before the delivery if you want the website to be attested to other programs. 
  • Site responsiveness is attested on Android, iPad, and iPhone. Please let us know if you want to attest to the website on any other gadgets. 
  • Third part components; e.g., SSL, Payment portal, Google Adwords, Plug-in licenses, etc, and others aren’t included in the quotes. The customer needs to pay separately for all these apparatuses. 
  • Delay with reference to the integration of third-party API, the customer isn’t expecting to penalize us. 
  • We’ll attest websites on our own servers. We won’t provide access of test servers to clients and any outsider to attest websites via them 
  • It will cost an extra charge in case of any alteration in WordPress, Open Source Carts, Joomla, and other sites once the project gets delivered. 

Payment Conditions

Tek2D provides two project completion offers to its customers:

  • Fixed Prices 
  • Hourly Rates 

Fixed Prices

When the customer contacts us via our social media networks, email, and website and discusses his/her project, our team analyzes the client’s project prerequisites and makes a quote. We inform the customer of the project cost and the customer needs to pay it in keeping with the following steps:

  1. 30% upfront payment of the complete project before starting the project 
  2. Once the customer reviewed the project, he/she needs to pay 50% of the complete project
  3. Transferring 100% (full payment) when the project gets delivered or registered on the customer’s server.

Hourly Rates

In hourly-based rate projects, the customer needs to buy the hours and pay the 100% upfront cost within a week to proceed with the project. The order will be expired in case of not transferring the payment within a week and the customer will need to make a new order.

Refund Policy

Tek2D is a customer-oriented company whose all policies are user-friendly. Below is our refund policy is given:

  • The client is eligible to ask for a full refund in case we don’t deliver the committed results.
  • The refund request must be made within 30 days of delivering the project; we won’t accept the request if it’s exceeded the mentioned timeline.
  • All results, source codes, graphics, and all types of other material will be removed from our side in case of full or partial refund and the customer hasn’t right to claim for it.
  • During the project proceeding stage, it isn’t eligible to request for refund.
  • In case of no submission is made by our team on the deadline, the customer can ask for a refund.
  • Once the refund is accepted, it’ll take 6-8 working days to refund you in your credit card, Payoneer or PayPal.